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We believe that people and organisations can grow more effectively when all skills are visible

Our technology and consultancy is driving the adoption of digital credentials to close the gap between the skills employers need and the skills they can see.

Take control of framing, capturing and communicating the skills of your students, members or employees so they can finally be seen for who they really are and who they could be, better connecting them to opportunities and growing their careers and your business along the way.

Join thousands of organisations who are using digital credentials to revolutionise how they see skills.

Build trust and confidence into all achievements and skills – Large and small

Existing systems and traditions make it hard to provide trusted evidence of achievements and prevent employers from seeing the human skills that are increasingly important in the workplace. Digital credentials create a lifelong richer picture of an individual's achievements and skills, all backed by evidence.

Help individuals stand out from the crowd and get the recognition they deserve for all their skills development and career progression.

Technical + Leadership & Management + Human Skills = the complete picture

Whether you're looking to digitise certifications like degrees, vocational qualifications and licences to practice so they are instantly shareable online, or want to create a more reliable record of behaviours, CPD and human skills such as teamwork, problem solving and communication we can help you use digital credentialing to grow careers and your business.

Digital Credentials = Shareable Skills

Welcome to the agile, responsive and trackable world of shareable skills. A world where objective statements of an individual's learning, development and career progression can now be easily framed, captured and communicated, with trust.

Digital credentials allow us to finally recognise and communicate all skills in a single consistent way. Digitalme uses the open badge standard, a universal format that creates data-rich credentials for anyone to validate, quickly and easily.


  • Take control of setting the skills employers want to see
  • Easily work into existing workflows and systems (e.g. your LMS)
  • Portable and shareable across the web
  • Build real confidence and differentiation into a CV
  • Help promote and market your learning and development offering
  • Track how your credentials are seen and shared
  • Keep a relationship with earner beyond the point of issue
  • Boost the online visibility of the impact your organisation has made

Whether you need to see all relevant skills in your current and future workforce, or want to supply individuals to the workforce with the skills employers demand, Digitalme, A City & Guilds Group Business, has a range of services to help you realise the potential of your students, members or employees and make all skills visible.

Supporting every stage of career progression

Digitalme are helping a wide variety of organisations to take control of issuing credentials that better connect individuals with opportunities, that grow careers and businesses. Thousands of employers, educators, awarding bodies, professional associations, charties, clubs and societies are already helping at every stage of career progression:


Career inspiration & navigation

“where could I go and what is needed to get there”


Job preparation

“confident I'm getting set for my first job, or returning to the workforce”


On the job success

“demonstrating I'm getting the job done well and being productive”


Career progression

“proving I'm ready for the next step”

Our combination of people, technology and 3rd party accreditation will ensure the credentials you design and issue will boost the growth of your business and the career of the earner.


Our people help you deliver outcomes, not outputs, to ensure you make the very most of the benefits digital credentialing can offer to your organisation. No matter where you are starting your journey.

  • Design and consultancy
  • Project mangement
  • Managed issuing services
  • Advocacy
  • Training

To find out how we can help you shape your skills strategy…


Our suite of scalable, flexible, affordable and secure platforms make it simple to manage the issuing of credentials and ensure individuals and your organisation are seen by as many people as possible.

Want to use digital credentials to make a difference to people's careers? It's easy to get started.

Digitalme.Credly is our enterprise scale solution for the creation, issuing and managing of all credential types. Generating shareable skills that can be seen and validated across the web. It's already integrated with hundreds of applications and is being used by thousands of issuers to unleash millions of credentials. This is where we keep earners credentials safely and securely, in perpetuity for them.

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The Open Badge Academy is a simple and easy to use open badge platform that allows educators and the 3rd sector to boost the credibility of a young person's CV by helping students to discover, demonstrate and earn evidence-based digital badges. Providing visibility and tracking of skills progression across the key transition from education to employment.

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Makewaves is the safe social learning platform that allows teachers to give children a voice, so they can share what they make, challenge themselves with missions and show their achievements as digital badges. Helping to see and track formative skills as they are uncovered for the first time.

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33rd Party Accreditation

We can work with any 3rd party accreditation provider of your choice to help build maximum confidence and trust in those validating the credentials you issue to your students, staff or members.

Our accreditation partners include:

City & Guilds – Accreditation from a world leading brand in skills, whose vocational and technical qualifications as well as the most comprehensive range of apprenticeships are issued to millions every year.

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ILM – Digital credentials and course recognition from the leaders in Leadership & Management qualifications and apprenticeships.

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Work with us

We can support you across every stage of your digital credentialing journey, from developing your initial idea to creating a global credential solution. We work with schools, learning organisations and employers to use badges to recognise skills & achievements.

Get in touch with Digitalme

We are here to help you take your first steps and join the thousands of organisations already helping to make all skills visible. So whether you want an answer to a question or you simply want to book a demo of our market leading technologies…

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