Meet Our Team

Digitalme is comprised of a passionate team of industry experts and open badge pioneers. Bringing years of experience of designing, implementing and growing formal and non-formal recognition and talent solutions. We have members based across the country with our main offices in Leeds and London. We work closely and in collaboration with all City & Guilds Group businesses to add scale and expertise. Find out more about the City & Guilds Group here.

Face photo of Chris Kirk
Chris Kirk
Managing Director
Face photo of Tim Riches
Tim Riches
Co-Founder, Research and Development
Face photo of Mark Riches
Mark Riches
Co-Founder, Research and Development
Face photo of David Kinsela
David Kinsela
Head of Sales and Marketing
Face photo of Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis
Head of Client Services and Operations
Face photo of Sharon Ashley
Sharon Ashley
Senior Account Manager (Partners)
Face photo of Omid Mufeed
Omid Mufeed
Development & Information Security Manager
Face photo of Luke Horwell
Luke Horwell
Junior Developer
Face photo of Giselle Shaw
Giselle Shaw
Finance Manager
Face photo of Matt Rogers
Matt Rogers
Platform Solution Consultant
Face photo of Joe Weiler
Joe Weiler
Client Support Executive
Face photo of Andrew Flowers
Andrew Flowers
Graphic Designer
Face photo of Katharine Courtney
Katharine Courtney
Digital Marketing Executive
Face photo of Israel Hobson
Israel Hobson
Campaign Manager
Face photo of Anna Sheard
Anna Sheard
Account Manager
Face photo of Tom Whelan
Tom Whelan
Commercial Finance
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